Ascea Marina Hotel ...

  • Hotel Il nido

    Casal Velino

    The Nido Residence-Country House, rises at dead of a land rich in culture and in an un contaminated nature, where you can spend a very pleasant holiday. It' s the right point to visit the places more picturesque in the south coast of Campania. Historical and valuable itineraries to visit are not far away from ...

  • Excavations of Velia


    The ancient velia, the prosperous city of Magna Graecia, was located on the coast of the territory of Ascea Marina and famous for its important Eleatic philosophical school. The archaeological excavations have unearthed its remains that can currently be visited ...


Ascea Marina: Monuments...

  • San Michele Arcangelo Church
  • San Nicola di Mira Church
  • Madonna del Carmine Sanctuary is very interesting, on the road to the sanctuary there are many icons that portray the different episodes of Christ's Passion
  • Palazzo Maresca; Falcione; De Dominicis, today Ricci, full of friezes in which the courtyard and the portal form the design of a theatre; palazzo Alario, seat of the foundation "Alario per Elea-Velia"; palazzo Barbarella; Torrusio and Ferolla
  • Torre del telegrafo, a tower
  • Torre La Sciabica,a semi-destroyed tower at the mouth of Fiumarella River
  • Elegant rural houses
  • The cliff. It is made of creeks, rocks and beaches in front of a wonderful transparent water
    The sea-side. The beach is really wonderful, it is 5 km long and 70 m large and the sand is really soft

The path of lovers

Benches and natural pitches welcome the lovers, and not only them, rushed to admire an impressive view of the underlying cliff of Ascea Marina and the piece of coast that goes from Palinuro to Acciaroli.

where is Ascea Marina...

Marina di Ascea is located on the coast of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. 42 km from the excavations of Paestum with its beautiful temples well preserved. It is about 36km from Agropoli, about 12 Km from the picturesque village of Pisciotta, about 18 Km from the beautiful seaside resort of Acciaroli and about 43 Km from Castellabate and its hamlets,. Just 22Km from Marina di Ascea there are the beautiful caves of Capo Palinuro, about 33 Km there is Marina di Camerota, at 60km Sapri in the Gulf of Policastro, and at 77 Km there is Maratea. Marina di Ascea is 68 km from Eboli and 98 km from Salerno, the provincial capital. The famous ruins of Pompeii are 125 km away and the Amalfi Coast is about 100 km


Photos of Ascea

Photos of the territory of Ascea Marina and the excavations of Velia.



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